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SU - Smart University

A platform for the diversity – aware personalized service provision to University students, within and across universities, worldwide. The first pilot of WeNet, the Internet of Us.

Vision and Mission

Empirical evidence has shown how students' time management ability and its consequent translation into time allocation between academic and other daily activities may have an impact on students' performance.  Given their wide adoption among students, smartphones can help in understanding their behaviour and develop strategies for administrators and academic staff to enact policies that help students learn better strategies for managing their time and their academic workload.

SmartUniversity is jointly developed by the Department of Information Engineering and Computer Science and the Department of Sociology and Social Research of the University of Trento. The main goal of the SmartUniversity project is to fill the empirical gap concerning students’ time allocation and academic performance by providing a detailed description of how their time management affects their academic achievement.

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Data Collection

managing and running data collection experiments.

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testing a new type of research hypothesis or methodology via an experiment.

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sharing data with other partner institutions.

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run analysis on data collected during experiments.

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